GlobalKid aims to provide quality programming that entertains children while educating them! On our site you will find some exciting content including films, music, games and much more. Our content is designed to make a child think in a way that is both fun and easy. From ‘Bloodhounds Inc.’ to the up coming ‘GK Horse Play Series,’ we produce quality content for kids and the entire family to enjoy.



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  • I Love Toy Trains 6

    I Love Toy Trains 6

    See sleek diesels and mighty steamers, long freight trains, log loaders, bridges, little towns, tunnels, mountains and a tiny man throwing cans out of the milk car.

  • Bloodhounds, Inc. Book 1 The Ghost of KRZY

    The Ghost of KRZY

    Join kid detectives Sean and Melissa Hunter and their pet bloodhound, Slobs, as they set out to discover the mystery behind the spooky station.